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This beta version is a bit different from the one you see James using on the main page. The video on the main page shows James using a Cintiq Wacom tablet and a track ball. But for these first beta releases, we wanted to create a version that everyone could use without having to purchase additional hardware.

Interestingly, James also started out with a version for mouse and keyboard, until the later 2-hand version was developed. In the next releases we’ll add the Wacom and other 2-hand interaction.



This being a beta release - expect the unexpected. Although we think we eliminated hard crashes, we recommend saving important work and closing other applocations.

Latest Release:

Rhonda Beta v.0.24: PC | MAC
    [April 5th 2010]

See new features list for this release (opens on new page)

Older Releases:

Rhonda Beta v.0.23: PC | MAC    [August 21th 2009]

New features:

1) alt+e to export a dxf file

2) TAB for 'presentation mode' for better screen capturing.

Rhonda Beta v.0.22: PC | MAC
    [August 4th 2009]
Initial Beta Release


We’ve set up a forum to discuss your thoughts; anything from bug reports to annoying features that must be changed. It would mean a lot to us if you could register and provide us with feedback.

We're using a password to avoid spammers (sorry):
User name: beta
Password: rhonda123




Check out our growing library of tutorial videos - from basic operations to advanced tricks and tips.

Zach Lieberman will walk you through the basic operations of the beta version, while James Paterson will show you how to draw a prancing man.


Thanks, we hope you enjoy.
Team Rhonda.

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